Don Octavio
Don Octavio
El Salvador

Don Octavio.

Cup of Excellence


With a score of 87.25, this Cup of Excellence winner is ranked in the top coffees in all of El Salvador. Its medium-light profile highlights the vanilla, tamarind, and creaminess of this superior and well-balanced roast.
Tasting Notes
Tamarind, Vanilla, Creamy body
Roast Profile
Talquezalar, Chalatenango
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About the Farm.

This land has belonged to the Umana family for approximately 150 years and has been used to produce vegetables, basic grains, and fruit trees. 8 years ago, Jose Octavio Umaña Valdivieso returned to his family's land with the idea of reforestation. It was his environmentalist mentality that led him to the Trifinio Plan which promoted the reforestation of the Lempa river basin by planting coffee. It was courses, self-education, and a bit of encouragement that led Jose to start a PROCAFE certified Pacamara nursery.

"I am satisfied and happy to have improved (a little bit) the oxygen for the planet and facilitated houses for birds and to leave to future generations more opportunities of employment."

-Jose Octavio Umaña Valdivieso