The search begins with identifying world-class coffees from a number of established and up-and-coming producers across the globe. We only serve the top 3% of coffee in the world at Ascension.

When a coffee is considered for our program, it undergoes a rigorous review process. This process includes a review of the farm that produces the coffee alongside various social, fair-trade and environmental considerations to support ongoing sustainability efforts for the farm suppliers.

World Map

Bekele Belachew

Segera, Sidama Bensa


Lamari River Valley

Obura-Wonenara District

Papua New Guinea

San Fermin

Colombia Planadas, Tolima


Las Esmeraldas Decaf




Shanteweyne Farm, Sidamo


At Ascension, we're more than just coffee enthusiasts; we're on a mission to connect you with exceptional coffees and the stories behind them. We place a special emphasis on supporting women-produced coffee using our platform to amplify their voices and shine light on their often-unseen contributions in the coffee industry.

At Ascension, we value the journey of coffee, from the people who grow it to the communities they support. At the heart of our story is transparency, from farm to cup. We are proud to collaborate with women-owned coffee farms, small holder farms, coffee importers and larger cooperatives who share our values, placing transparency at the forefront of the supply chain. Our unwavering commitment to equitable sourcing is a testament to our values.

Come join us on our journey to explore the world's finest coffees, knowing that every cup you enjoy is a testament to the love, care, and attention that goes into each and every cup.


Our team is deeply committed to transparency in our coffee sourcing. For some of our coffees we work directly with producers to source the coffee we purchase, including small holder farms and larger cooperatives. In some cases we rely on the skill of our importing partners to find potential suppliers. We are proud to work with coffee importers who share our values and prioritize transparency throughout the supply chain.

All sourced coffees are sent to our Dallas roastery to be cupped and tasted by our in-house Q Arabica grader.