About Us.

for the love
of the bean.

At Ascension, we believe that we all have a basic human need for community, now more than ever. Coffee is a perfect forum for this.

To that end, we're obsessed with the quality of our coffee, which we see as a beautiful blend of art and science. Using the latest software, we track and sample each roast from our roastery to ensure the quality is always on point. In our cafés, we brew each cup with the care and attention that each specialty roast deserves.

Our cafés reflect our belief in the importance of a stress-free and inviting atmosphere where community can thrive. We strive to make each Ascension café an authentic, warm, and relaxed place that everyone can call their own.

We're honored to be visited by thousands of inspiring customers and coffee aficionados each day across our six locations in North Texas. Come visit us today!