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Head Roaster

Alex Jacob

Alex Jacob - Ascension

Alex Jacob joined Ascension Coffee Roasters in 2019. In his time at Ascension, he has focused his efforts on roasting, sourcing, and the international trade of coffee. Starting as an apprentice under the guidance of Russell Hayward, the founder of Ascension, Alex was able to achieve the title of Head Roaster. He assists in all formulations, roasts and cuppings as the organization continuously improves its quality and our love of the bean. Alex is instrumental in daily coffee operations and equitable, sustainable green coffee sourcing.

Prior to joining Ascension, Alex Jacob attended Texas Tech University and Texas Tech University’s Health Sciences Center where he earned master’s degrees in Public Health and Public Administration. His insatiable interest in the coffee industry led him to accept a position at Gold Stripe Coffee Roasters in Lubbock. Alex educated customers on coffee while honing his service and barista skills. His background in biochemistry quickly took him to Gold Stripe’s Roastery where he learned the complexities of roasting, which include brewing, flavor, and development. Alex’s time at Gold Stripe grew his love for coffee culture and its ability to impact lives. His passion continues with Ascension Coffee Roasters today.